Wednesday, 16 November 2011

An Update and A Baby Jesus

Baby Jesus - Kathryn Ward

Wow! It feels like it's been ages since I last posted anything here! We seem to have been so busy the last few weeks it feels like we've hardly stopped, the house has been turned upside down and back again too many times in between getting a new sofa (yay!!), a beautiful little five-octave piano, going to a couple of local music events, a family wedding and a few other events and parties thrown in for good measure.

Lots of positive things have been happening lately, and I'm feeling very contented with life.
It's been very exciting to be able to sit on a sofa *in my own living room* without sinking into it! My other half has had a sparkly new job for a little while now, it's good to see him enjoying his work so much, and I have recently become involved in a new little youth group. I've been having so much fun with the group and my creative brain is proving to be quite an asset!

Wish Tree, Matlock Bath - Kathryn Ward
We finished off the summer with a bit more travelling (it feels a bit strange to be writing about summer in the middle of November!) First with a weekend in Matlock Bath and then, after about 5 years of talking about going, a trip to Vanfest.

My first ever visit to Matlock Bath obviously had to include fish and chips, sweets and ice cream and a cable car ride up to The Heights of Abraham. After the Cavern tour we stumbled across this lovely little tree which was adorned with people's special wishes.

We (very) bravely went for a dip in the hotel's outdoor pool, for ooh, I don't know... about ten minutes! and then went to warm up in the sauna.

Matlock Bath - Kathryn Ward

We managed to return from Vanfest successfully without a campervan, but with Rob's desire to own one at an all-time high.

I thought the location was absolutely beautiful, all these well-loved campervans were just nestled underneath the stunning natural backdrop of the Malvern Hills.

We have a bit more travelling planned for before Christmas, hopefully a couple of days in Brighton. I always feel so inspired by being in new places.

Vanfest 2011 - Kathryn Ward

Vanfest 2011 - Kathryn Ward

Crochet Baby Jesus - Kathryn Ward

A Baby Jesus has joined the household with over a month to go until Christmas thanks to google leading me to a crochet pattern on this blog - Crochet Nativity Figures. I've never come across this blog before but the crochet patterns are beautiful. My plan is to take one figure at a time and I can always add to my nativity over the years. I'm hoping that Jesus can have a sturdier manger soon because my quick-fix has quickly become the flat-pack version!

I'm also working on a knitted scarf, I needed a pattern with new techniques for me to learn because I get bored so easily. I'm nearly finished so you may just get a sneak peek at it.

I've found myself making things for a particular purpose, like the cards that I give to people and things that I can use. But making artwork for the purpose of working has been a bit more difficult, I'd love to spend more time on it but I find myself questioning the reasons for doing so.
What are your motivations for making?

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