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It would have been cheaper to buy her a cat! - Wedding Wedding Wedding!

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Yes, it would have been cheaper to buy me a cat - those were the wise words given to Rob by his colleagues after we got married as they shook his hand and congratulated him on his first day back at work!
Cats aside - I'm here to share some of my lovely photos again. I have way too many 'favourites' so I'm trying my best not to overload.

Beech Photography

We chose to get married in our local parish church, which just so happens to be such a magnificent building. I love the history of it all and am particularly fond of the local red stone it is built from - so beautiful! We were made to feel very welcome - Rob has even been recruited to play drums for the church band!
The service was incredible, I thought I would feel so self conscious being on show all day but as soon as we got up there to say our vows I felt so relaxed and confident - on top of the world.

Beech Photography

Rob doing his best to look nervous!

At the suggestion of the curate we wrote our own prayer. It was such a lovely thing to do not only because it made it very personal, but the experience of sitting down together and thinking about our values and outlook on life, together with our hopes for the future really refocused us as a couple in the midst of the slight craziness that happens in the run up to a wedding. Although I think we already knew everything that we talked about in the prayer before; reminding ourselves of them and pulling them together within a set of words felt like such a positive and binding excercise - and I know we will use those words to help us along the way in our life together.
Beech Photography


We personalised the service as much as we could, we thought long and hard about which hymns to sing and what music to have, Rob's Grandma read the reading we chose and two of Rob's family friends played guitar and sang a few songs while we signed the register.

After this it was all about taking some photos and getting some decent food down ourselves! The reception was held at the beautiful art deco Aviator Hotel. Much of the feel and style of the day was inspired by the venue, I wouldn't have said art deco was our 'theme' but it certainly leaned towards the vintage looks and elegance of the era - it couldn't have suited us more I think!

Beech Photography

Beautful Bridesmaids and Groomsmen!
The 'details' (as a visual person I loved this part!) will follow in a separate post.

Photography by Steph at Beech Photography

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