Friday, 29 April 2011

On the theme of Holidays.... and Lace!

The Local Bruges Tipple

I am excited, last week we booked our much needed holiday! I can't wait to go and be sitting in a lovely little french cottage for two whole weeks... So all I can think about is holidays.

I was lucky enough to have a girls holiday in Corfu last July, but apart from that and a couple of sleepless nights in a tent in windy Cornwall, the last time me and the other half got away was just over a year ago to Bruges.

Although we hadn't realised when we decided that Belgium would be our destination, it turned out to be perfect for Rob as they are big on Beer making. Not European lager, but beer. Add to that architecture, boats and chocolate... we had a lovely time!

So, sit back and let me share some of my photos.

Made from chocolate!
I thought the chocolate sculptures were the best part of the chocolate museum, they even had cats!

Cute little restaurant - with chickens!
 Bruges is also famous for it's lacemaking history, and on a walk to see the windmills we discovered these beautiful fences. I loved the way you had to get up close to see the detail, and how it blended the city's history with something so functional, contrasting the delicacy of lace with the robust wire fence. I wish all fences were like this!

Lace seems to be following me around lately: The Lace Market gallery in Nottingham (also famous for it's lacemaking history), my trip to Bruges, even the bag of gorgeous lace (probably vintage) that I acquired from my Auntie...
I'm beginning to think that lace isn't a million miles away from crochet in structure, and the forms that I make from it. I think it's calling me to research it more, I have always admired it, but never felt I had the patience to learn to make it.
I recently stumbled across needle lace, up until now I had assumed it was always made with bobbins, so if anyone has any further info for me please send it on!

Besides, what a fitting day to be talking about lace when Kate Middleton is wearing such a stunning example on her wedding dress today! I knew I was looking forward to the Royal Wedding but as soon as I turned the telly on this morning I was absolutely glued! I kind of started to wish I had packed myself off to London to get a glimpse of the couple in the flesh!

So, to finish, a shot of us enjoying the sunshine in front of said fence!

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