Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Starting Without a Plan.

This is taking a risk, starting without a plan. I don't know why I'm so worried about it since I do this kind of thing in my practice all the time. I believe that creativity happens when you just go with the flow, play around, and try new things.

So I shall introduce myself: My name is Kathryn, graduated Loughborough University last July (2010) with my Fine Art degree certificate in hand! And since then have been navigating the minefield that is the world of work, and attempting to form myself as an artist (rather than a studying artist).
I work with household and basic materials, such as strings, threads, wire etc etc... anything that's tactile and makes it through my tough selection process of taking apart, putting back together and experimentation. I used a lot of crochet in my most recent work, and learned (still learning!) as I went along, and now find myself in the process of expanding upon this.

Now I'm learning how to be creative in digital form, so that I can share what I'm up to, document my progress, and regain some of the pride I had in what I do. 

Happy Reading! And now go and have a look at my facebook album! Here.

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